RYSK DESIGNS is an accessory line established in 2008, which incorporates wood, clay, paint, glass, wire, etc., in order to create wearable art. Over time RYSK DESIGNS has evolved but the core remains unchanged. The “awkward mess” is a significant factor in my designs. With each beautiful piece comes some form of “mess”, paint smudges, wood chips, crooked lines, mismatched sides…something will always be off in my designs. RYSK DESIGNS is inspired by life. It symbolizes “CHAOTIC BEAUTY”. Sometimes in life we take risk, and with those risk comes consequences, good or bad. RYSK DESIGNS is a reflection of those consequences. The world we live in is not perfect, people are not perfect, and my work epitomizes that and is definitely a reflection of me. Although these things are not perfect, beauty can still be found within. “MY GIFT, MY CREATIVITY, MY VISION. MY ART, MY REFLECTION.” Never compromise your art.